That’s a big bold statement I know, I wanted to share with you a strategy that you can gift yourself, that will help you re-align your thinking for success.

I’ve just come back from running one of my signature events last weekend, Master Your Mindset, and what an incredible event it was.

Problems = Opportunities was one of the big concepts we covered during the seminar.

The truth behind problems/challenges is that, they will only be problems if we let them be, but behind every challenge we face in our life, lies an empowering gift.

If you take yourself back to some of the challenges or hurdles you have been through whether in life or business, I bet you’re probably grateful for a lot of the challenges because of what they gave you.

Gifts of a stronger Mindset, more emotional resilience, learning how to do something faster or better or even realising that perhaps it wasn’t the right path for you.

Growth is one of the fundamental pillars for life, and if we stop growing, we start dying.

Challenges allow us to grow in every single way and enable us to achieve ultimate personal growth. If you don’t believe me that’s great as you don’t have to…but just imagine a world without problems or challenges……boring is one word that comes to mind.

It’s almost like watching a movie for the 10th time knowing what comes next….yeah I know right

What if you saw every problem or challenge as gift & learning opportunity in disguise, how would you show up differently? What would change in your life?

Problems can be problems, or problems can be opportunities for growth and moving closer to becoming the best you.

You choose which, but as Tony Robbins says “It is in your moments of decision, that your destiny is shaped”

What will you decide?

If there is anything I can do to serve or support you then please feel free to reach out to me directly, but until then, enjoy your Friday, and have an outstanding weekend.

Live Empowered,

Your Friend and Coach,


I wanted to send you a short reminder to let you know that, if you haven’t accomplished or achieved some of the goals you have set out for yourself/your life….keep going as you are so close to victory.

In fact……you’re only 2mm off from reaching your destination.

It doesn’t sound like much and you may find it difficult to grasp, but we very often (this has been me many times) get in to the habit of thinking we’re miles away from where we should be, because we don’t have the results we want yet.

Because I don’t have the confidence, or am not in a relationship or not performing at work, or I have problems leading my team…….and so forth.

I am here to tell you what you already know to be true……you’re so close and are only 2mm away from victory.

Any shift, breakthrough or result you want requires just a 2mm shift in thinking/decision making:-

Having More Confidence- A 2mm shift in what you think about and focus on, and how you see yourself

Following your dream- A 2mm shift of making the decision to discover more about you, instead of settling in a job you don’t like.

Improving your relationships- A 2mm shift of saying, being or doing something with your loved one daily that touches their heart

Becoming Healthier- A 2mm shift in your exercise routine or food plan

Performing Better at Work- A 2mm shift of letting go of anything slowing you down, or doing what you do 2mm better every day.

And so forth…

You are so close my friends…..keep going.

If there is anything I can do to support you, or if you would like to connect for a powerful coaching experience to set and plan your 2017 to succeed, feel free to send me a direct message and get in touch.

Until next time, have an outstanding rest of week

Live Empowered,

Your Friend and Coach,


Dear Reader,

I have a challenge for you today…. that if you accept…

I know will have an Extraordinary impact on any personal/career/business goals you are working towards, results you desire & also any Breakthroughs you seek….

If you are in and ready to play…. let the games begin and your challenge lies below in this short post.

Mastery… a journey of growth. A journey that we are on & a journey that never finishes.

I’m curious, what right now is the next shift you want to create in your life/business or career? Where in your world are you looking for a Breakthrough?

Neuroscientists, Coaches, Therapists & Psychologists say that today, it now takes 66 days to form a new habit.

66 Days of continual, persistent, focused & inspired repetition!

‘Repetition is the mother of all skill’

Your Challenge: Whatever your goals or objectives are for the remainder of the year, or even your personal ambitions/life’s vision…

I challenge you to:-

1. Choose 1-2 habits you would absolutely benefit by developing & mastering, which would in turn help you make significant strides towards the achievement of your goals/vision.

Habits personal to you and they could be anything from and beyond:

N.B. Choose wisely…. what would really truly make a difference to the quality of your work, success & personal Growth?

2. Secondly, to then practice the habit/s every single day for 66 days.

Whatever your chosen habits are……set aside time/space for the habits as appropriate..and then commit to focused practice everyday for 66 days.

There was a reason Jim Rohn said ‘Repetition is the mother of all skill’ because what you repeat and practice with consistency is who you become.

I truly believe that we don’t get what we want…but what we demand and command from ourselves with consistency, determination & resolve.

Whatever your chosen habits are, practice them for 66 days because then the habits will become a part of who you are. You’re thinking and Psychology will become rewired for Peak Performance as these habits and way of life become second nature… almost like breathing.

Now imagine the impact that could have on you personally & professionally……

Once you have completed the 66 days… CELEBRATE! and then start the challenge again with some more powerful habits you want to integrate in to your world!

What will you choose to do? Comment Below and let the Games Begin!

If there is anything I can serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at

Live Empowered and make this week extraordinary!

Your friend and Business Coach London,

Raghav Parkash

I don’t know….

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck when asked an interesting or challenging question…. or when you are in a very unfamiliar situation in business or even personally… to only answer it with I don’t know (or a similar answer).

That feeling of anxiousness, heat & blankness filling your entire body… leaving us with the feeling of I don’t know swimming around in our mind and thinking.

I’ve been there too… many a time and today, I want to share with you a powerful distinction/insight that will help you surge beyond these blind spots and harness the power of your creativity.

The truth is, I don’t know is one of the least resourceful ways of thinking and responses we could ever conjure up during a time we seek answers or knowledge.

Yet I don’t know seems to be a very natural and easily produced response.

When i’m in the process of coaching my clients, I often hear them say I don’t know when asked powerful questions, but then shortly after, they follow up with but it could be X or Y or Z.

It truly amazes me because not only do they have the answer but the answer comes from within them not outside of them.

Insight 1: Very often when you think you don’t know, most of the time you actually do know…if you give yourself the space & time to reflect in that moment.

Also to believe in YOU a bit more.

Saying I don’t know is just a defensive protection mechanism that stops your mind from doing the deep sea diving and searching for answers.

You could also call it a form of mental laziness to avoid doing the work.

Another of my mentors reminds me that ‘Our language creates our world’ and how much truth does this statement hold as when we use ‘I don’t know’…the vast majority of the time, we end up not knowing.

Very often, I don’t know is just simply a natural response we have wired in to our thinking from a young age by practicing it with repetition and focus during times of uncertainty.

I actually ban my clients from using I don’t know… and they don’t initially like me for it but the rewards are great in the future. (Who said breaking an unresourceful habit is always easy 🙂 )

There is this cheesy coaching question some coaches use when a client is unsure and reads along the lines of:

Client: ‘I don’t know’

Coach: ‘I know you don’t know but if you did know what would you say?’

I told you it was cheesy right? But this inspired way of thinking does produce extraordinary results.

When you don’t know… slow down, take a moment and go within. See what shows up for you.

What would you recommend someone else do if they were in your shoes? If you did know the answer, what would you say or contribute?

Now what happens when you genuinely don’t know the answer… and you are in a situation where you need to find out.

Insight 2: Ask resourceful questions!

One of my mentors often reminds me that our life & business is a direct result of the quality questions we ask or don’t ask.

During moments in your business where you are unsure of the answer…it is very easy to let the mental chatter or monkey mind to take over and disempower us.

One of the best strategies to re-focus and tap in to our personal power is by asking resourceful questions. Questions such as:

  • How can I find out?
  • What are 2-3 strategies I can use learn the answer
  • If I were coaching a best friend on this situation, what would I say?
  • What would need to happen or be in place for me to reach my outcome
  • Who else do I know that is likely to have the answer or has been in a similar situation before?
  • We always get what we focus on.

    ‘Our language creates our world’

    If you want to be more focused & creative, I challenge and invite you to ask powerful questions to direct your mindset for focus and creativity.

    Challenge: I also challenge you to ban ‘I don’t know’ from your vocabulary. Challenge yourself and see what happens.

    I would love to hear from you and see how the challenge is serving you.

    Here’s to your continued success & I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

    If there is anything I can serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at

    Live Empowered and make this week extraordinary!

    Your friend and coach,

    Raghav Parkash

    Dear Reader,

    I’m curious….. what does Stress mean to you?

    It’s interesting because as I write this article….. today is International Stress Awareness Day, how co-incidental. So what does Stress mean to you?

    The Stress that crops up in your business…. or at work…. when you are at home…or even thinking about the next holiday and how you will make it happen.

    When I work with my clients, stress is one of the top factors that stops them getting the results they want. The breakthroughs in their business, transformation within the workplace, leading their team powerfully, achieving their overall vision & ultimately being their best.

    So where does Stress come from?

    As a coach, I love asking powerful questions so a better question yet…is how do we create our stress?

    It’s a very controversial question as it implies stress is created internally not discovered externally… but as Michael Neill says ‘We create our world from the inside out’

    Thats right, we create our stress so then how do we overcome stress? Whats the answer?

    Here are 4 steps I want to share with you today, that have personally made a huge difference in my world and the lives of my clients to grow through their stress:-

    Step 1: Accepting Responsibility for & Embracing your Stress

    Self awareness truly is the first step for our breakthrough and as we create our world, lives & business from the inside out, taking responsibility is the first step in liberating ourselves from challenges including stress.

    Once we do this and understand how we create our experiences, we can then focus on what we truly want instead and then go out there and create just that.

    Another truth is that stress isn’t a bad ‘thing’. We label it bad and it then becomes much worse than it has to be but stress is just a part of wanting to play a bigger game and achieving more in business, life, work or any other part of your world.

    However, learning to grow through stress is really the key. Let stress guide you to discover what you really are capable of.

    Step 2: Discover the blindspot

    As Tony Robbins says ‘If you follow the trail of your stress, it’ll take you to your deepest fear’

    Stress often (not always) can be a hidden fear and what scares us most masked by and within parts of our life called work, relationships or many other areas where stress shows up.

    I often find when working with a number of my clients on the subject of stress, that stress enters their life through their thought processes and where they live emotionally when going through challenging situations.

    If you feel stressed about work, your relationships or anything else…ask yourself this question… what stresses me out about this?(wsmoat) Whatever answer shows up, repeat the question to that particular answer and keep repeating this process until you feel you have found what is the real cause of your stress.

    Below is an example of the question process using the wsmoat question above:

    Start- Where am I stressed: Stressed about work -(wsmoat)- missing targets-(wsmoat) not delivering-(wsmoat)- loosing job- (wsmoat)- not being good enough and facing family with the news, bills etc :End

    Deep down lies the cause of your stress and even if you are stressed about work…what you really could be stressed about is your team not delivering, missing targets & then ultimately loosing your job or letting your family down…

    Its not a pleasant conversation by any means but if you discover your fear, you can grow through it and be victorious.

    (Source: The

    Step 3: Slow Down, Breathe, focus & get in to action

    When we feel stressed, we also feel overwhelmed by thinking about all the things we need to do, be & have in our professional and personal lives.

    The next step is to really slow our thought process down (which is great for working through overwhelm) and focus on what will serve us right now in this moment. What action or step will put you in the right direction?

    Maybe its going for a quick walk, listening to music or really getting in to action mode with our business/work.

    We can’t possibly work on everything in one moment…but remind yourself of your vision, the results you want & then re-focus on just one thing you can do right now that will make the difference.

    Step 4: Live & Own your values

    Through my coaching journey and working with a number of entrepreneurial clients, one pattern I have seen which creates significant levels of stress in people, is that they sacrifice their values on the road to being successful.

    I had an Entrepreneurial client recently who told me he was burning out while trying to work harder… & ‘hustle’ in his words. While he was trying to work round the clock, he wasn’t living his values and doing what was truly important to him.

    When I investigated his values, his top 3 were Freedom, Family & Connection which he wasn’t meeting at all by adopting his new working regime.

    Our values are our internal drivers/Sat Nav that steer us towards living a life that we deem will satisfy our needs and wants. One lesson I learnt early on in my coaching journey that has served me powerfully throughout, is to never ever compromise your values and to make sure we are living them regularly.

    Compromising your values is compromising your self.

    To work out your values, ask yourself what is important to me about life?

    Keep repeating that question seeing what shows up and then write the answers down accordingly (you can even rank your top 5 & 10 values).

    You’ll be surprised by the answers..but whatever your values are, keep living them regularly and you’ll feel so much more euphoric, energetic & alive!

    Thats my 4 step process for today and I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it has provided you with some insightful steps to overcome and deal with stress as it shows up in your world.

    Dear Reader,

    Do you ever feel stressed?

    Stress is one of the biggest obstacles/challenges many of us face and regularly. Whether you are in business…running a business.. working in the public sector… or even at home… one thing I know for sure is you’ve probably experienced stress on some level.

    Last week was International Stress Awareness Day and here on LinkedIn to coincide with the day, I had written the first of a 2 part series on managing stress.

    For todays article-part 2, I want to share with you 1 powerful strategy on top of last weeks’ post to help you deal with stress effectively instead of stress dealing with you.

    The 1 strategy is The Power of Habits and Rituals

    You create your habits/rituals and your habits/rituals create you.

    As a coach, I have seen that one reason stress easily enters our lives…is because of low self care.

    Thats right, literally how we look after ourselves and manage our personal states.

    Through working with Entrepreneurs/senior directors, I have seen that many (without even realising it) live with the philosophy of so much to do and so little time (sound familiar?).

    You can just imagine the impact this can have on how one would feel through their day to day lifestyle.

    Even the very thought is stressful.

    There my be lots to do, accomplish and create, but 1 powerful strategy that will help you focus, get clarity, be on purpose, manage your time, feel confident and get more done is building powerful rituals for yourself daily.

    Rituals to manage your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

    You create your habits/rituals & your habits/rituals create you

    Your Rituals: Build your work around your life…not your life around your work.

    Bill Gates & Barrack Obama are famously known to hit the treadmill/working out before beginning their day

    Steve Jobs would look in the mirror and prime himself about the work he would go on to do each day and asess if his activities are aligned with his real purpose.

    Tony Robbins advises his companies and all employees each year to plan their holidays in first and foremost along with their charitable days off before filling their calendar with work. Tony himself never begins his day without doing a morning ritual for 10 minutes each day including breathing, priming, prayer & visualisation.

    Jack Welch would spend 1 hour each day looking out of the window to feel inspired and uplifted while gaining perspective.

    For you the extraordinary reader, are you managing your own needs powerfully?

    As disease can only enter the body when the body is at a dis..ease, stress can only enter the body as a function of not meeting our needs powerfully.

    I firstly invite you to create a morning ritual to set your day up to win. As part of a morning ritual, some of my clients meditate, exercise, journal & much more.

    To combat stress I would also definitely recommend planning your day in advance and priming your mind and thinking with everything you want to accomplish today and then just focusing on one activity at a time until completion and accomplishment.

    Secondly, how well do you look after yourself through the day?

    Managing our own needs are absolutely key, because once we do, we feel so much more fulfilled, alive, euphoric & happy.

    We often sacrifice our own needs to overwork and complete all the tasks we have set out in our mind….but what were to manage your needs powerfully?

    Imagine how much more impactful you’d be with your work and everything else that is important.

    Imagine how much better & happier your would feel about your work.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it has provided you with some insightful steps to overcome and deal with stress as it shows up in your world.

    Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at

    Live Empowered,

    Your friend and coach,

    Raghav Parkash

    Some say this is one of the most abused quotes in the self development space at the moment.

    I couldn’t agree more… (you might have a hunch I’m not a fan of this quote)

    Yet at the same time I’ve come across a number of Entrepreneurs, Directors & Leaders who turn to ‘Fake it till you make it’ when life/business gets tough and happens to us.

    Which lets be honest…is very often which is one of the many joys that comes with being driven & ambitious.

    I just wonder… Why do we need to fake anything? Especially when whatever we need to create, whether an emotion, skillset or belief…can be created from/within us and the moment itself.

    Created through repeated, consistent & determined action in the right direction.

    As a Peak Performance Coach I have seen this truly apply to a number of areas we aspire to enhance..whether personal confidence, managing stress, decision making or even leadership.

    The real challenge I find with the fake it mentality…is that it implies we’re not enough as we are…and need to be something else, that when we become the something else, we will finally be enough.

    Faking will only get one so far…but connecting with whats real and adapting your mindset/psychology is a much more powerful place to come from.

    Instead of the fake it mindset…I have a powerful invitation for you. The invite is to play with this 1 mindset hack that is the difference that makes the difference.

    This 1 mindset hack has made a significant impact in my life and the world of my clients.

    The 1 mindset hack is…. ‘Proceed as if success is inevitable’

    Out of a number of mindset hacks I’ve come across…taking on this way of thinking/being has tremendously helped my clients create massive certainty in themselves, as well as the drive and energy to follow through on all they want to create within their business.

    As Steven Covey said ‘Always begin with the end in mind’ because whatever we focus on…..expands.

    From a Peak Performance perspective, by focusing on your outcome and seeing yourself in the future having the success you want…..

    You will feel so much more confident, happy, creative, powerful, focused, stress free, driven, motivated & able to bounce back from challenges more valiantly.

    Visionaries becomes visionaries, not because they have a vision, but because they breathe their vision every single day through who they are, their thoughts and their actions.

    I’m curious, if you were to proceed as if success is inevitable, what impact could this have for you?

    How would you feel both personally & professionally in business or your career?

    What would be different? What would you notice that is different in how you experience the world?

    How would your outlook on the future be?

    What emotions would you hold with this belief?

    What impact would this have on your performance?

    I’d love to hear your answers….. please do comment below and let me know what you think.

    Proceed as if success is inevitable…… and light up your 2018!

    Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at

    Live Empowered,

    Your friend and coach,

    Raghav Parkash

    The areas I work with my clients on include:

    • Developing your vision for Life & Business
    • Goal Setting
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    • Executive Coaching
    • Confidence & Self Esteem
    • Developing a world class Mindset
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