When I run my seminars, workshops or coaching with my private clients, one of the questions I get asked frequently is ‘Rag, what is your favourite book’..or if there was 1 book I could recommend….or my favourite read etc..

There are so many books I love being a keen reader but one that stands out for me is ‘The Compound Effect’ by Darren Hardy.


Because throughout the entire book, Darren focuses on the one force that is massively influential for the results, success & breakthroughs we experience in our life/business.

That one force is the power of our Decisions.

As Tony Robbins famously states, ‘It is in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped

As human beings we are decision making machines designed to make hundreds of decisions daily that can empower or disempower us. You’ve made a decision to read this article, eat breakfast (I hope..), drink water, go to work, run your business, want more success in your life etc.

Our whole world is laced with powerful decisions. A number of us experience the luxuries, entertainment, convenience, gifts & resources we have access to as a result of leaders making bold & courageous decisions such as:

-Steve Jobs who decided to add more value and innovate what is possible within the Technology space to create an incredible customer experience through Apple’s products

-Vishen Lakhiani who founded Mindvalley which is ranked as the number 1 place in the world to work due to the amazing workplace culture but also, the impact Mindvalley has on the world through their Personal Development platform & Live Events is truly sensational.

-Jeff Bezos to set up the leading online marketplace that adds incredible value to the world

-Elon Musk to set up PayPal amongst others and then inspirational & eco friendly cars through Tesla

-Rosa Parks who was one of the first people to publicly stand against racism by refusing to give up her seat on a bus. What a powerful decision this was by Rosa that had a huge impact on the lives of people around her suffering.

These decisions & many more have shaped our world in wonderful ways.

Specifically in your world…

Decisions are being made constantly, but are they right decisions? Are they serving you or hindering you? Are they empowered decisions? Are they decisions that are supporting you to create the impact & leave the legacy you want in the world? Every decision does indeed shape your destiny and is an indicator of the results you will have in the future.

Leaders, high performers and those with an inspirational level of success have achieved what they have not by accident, but by constantly and consistently reflecting & learning from the decisions they make.

For Example, if you make a fear based decision (a decision made out of fear), you will no doubt experience stress in the future such as….(and imagine the future implications of each)

1. Not asking for the promotion you seek at work

2. Not running the business you deep down truly want to

3. Not being clear on your goals, targets or vision

4. Not following your passion and doing work that fulfils you

5. Not spending enough time with your family

6. Not saying I love you to those that matter or even asking the person that you like out on a date…

Every one of these decisions has massive future implications. Extraordinary leaders are aware of this and are very conscious about the decisions they make daily.

Overtime, their decision making process becomes second nature or as they say ‘unconcious competence’. They face their fears, do what scares them most, practice self awareness and importantly, are leaders as they lead first by example.

This then sets the tone for others in your business, organisation or home.

The only way to regain control, personal certainty & make extraordinary decisions is through self awareness which is discovered by making mistakes, learning & growing…….and importantly reflection……which ultimately helps you understand yourself deeper & better!

If you aren’t getting the results you want in any area of your life, I invite you to explore the decisions you are making.

If you are Entrepreneur, CEO, Executive, Director, Mother, Father, Manager, Role Model or someone who really wants more from yourself..

What decisions have you made that have served you powerfully?

The decision to exercise, to read and learn daily, to speak your truth, to spend time doing what is close to your heart, to master an area of your life/business, to contribute to charity, to improve your self awareness & leadership.

“World Class Performers Make World Class Decisions”

What decisions have you made that are currently holding you back? Are there any habits that you have decided to take on that are really not serving you?

Exercise: Choose any part of your world, your life, your business, home life, relationships, social, confidence and identify:

What is working for you right now? 

What isn’t working so well? 

What decisions have you made that are moving you closer to the results you seek? 

What decisions, choices and habits are not serving you powerfully? 

What decisions will help you create the impact & leave your personal legacy you wish to see in the world around you?

Decisions form the very foundations for the life we lead.

As Aristotle once said, ‘We are what we repeatedly do therefore excellence is not an act but a habit’, identify the top habits & decisions you would like to adopt and then over the next 30-60 days, practice them with commitment, focus & repetition.

Enjoy the process and exciting journey of integrating the new habits & decisions in to your life/business and I would love to hear what you personally took and will implement after reading this article! Comment below and i’ll respond to you as soon as I can.

Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at raghav@raghavparkash.com. 

Live Empowered,

Your friend and coach, 

Raghav Parkash


Dear Reader,

Are you an Entrepreneur, Director, CEO, Manager or someone in a position where you can influence others?A position of leadership providing you with the ability to lead, inspire & empower the people around you.

Part of the journey for any leader whether in a business as a CEO or a household as a mum/dad is being able to deal with the uncertainty that arises as a result of making progress. Progress for you professionally, in your business or even personally.

The more successful you want to become in any way, shape or form, the more challenges you will be presented with, the more uncertainty you will face and the more you will need to grow, harness & develop to create the results you want.

It’s an interesting time of the year as we’re wrapping the 1st quarter and I hope it has been successful for you? A resourceful yet victorious start to 2018.

As we go in to the second quarter, I want to share with you 3 specific decisions & habits I’ve found a number of leaders/high performers adopt in order to function at their best, deal with uncertainty and create an impact through the businesses they are in.

As a Peak Performance Coach, I’ve had the privilege or working with a number of Entrepreneurs & Leaders and these 3 decisions have them served them truly yet powerfully to make the progress & growth they seek.

So, what are the 3 decisions

Decision 1: To Embrace Uncertainty

The fact is, uncertainty is all around us. Brexit, business, the direction of the economy. The only certainty we have is that, life & business are uncertain.

High Performers understand this and they embrace the change & uncertainty. As Darwin said ‘It’s not the strongest or the smartest that survive but those that can adapt to change’

Embracing the uncertainty as it shows up is the very first step. Accept that uncertainty is a part of your journey and that it is the very gift which will strengthen your capabilities, drive, commitment & skillsets as a leader.

Decisions 2: To Remove the Emotion from Making Decisions

Leaders make extraordinary decisions and they do so by operating from a state of creativity & resourcefulness. Emotional power has it’s place but when making decisions about peak performance, personal growth and scaling a business, its important to remove emotions from the decision making process.

Emotion can stop you from taking the necessary risks

Taking actions that scare you most

Implementing the strategies that are most difficult

Going beyond your comfort zone

As PT Barnum said, “Comfort is the enemy of progress”

During moments of uncertainty, our reptilian brain kicks in to action (also known as our fight/flight response) which is the part of our thinking designed to keep us safe. It’s a very helpful protection mechanism but when it comes to personal effectiveness, it’s not so useful.

Remove the emotion from the decisions you need to make by focusing on possibilities and the results you want to create.

You will be far more effective, efficient, resilient and confident to take the steps you need.

Decisions 3: To focus and move in the direction of your vision

Focus is power and through any moments of uncertainty, the best place to put your focus is on your vision that inspires you, the forces that are in your control and the factors you can influence.

By doing so you will create certainty through the uncertainty.

Focus here means identifying and creating clarity on your outcomes, vision, goals, KPI’s, metrics, controllables & the things that you can influence in your life/business.

On a daily basis where do you put your focus?

What is your vision?

What are the controllables? Measurables or your KPI’s?

Because whatever you focus on is what you will steer towards and feel. Focus on uncertainty and you begin to feel anxious or stressed.

Focus on what is in your control, what you can influence and implement, you will begin to feel much more empowered.

I would love to hear what you personally took and will implement after reading this article! Comment below and i’ll respond to you as soon as I can.

Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at raghav@raghavparkash.com.

Live Empowered,

Your friend and coach,

Raghav Parkash


Do you ever get emails through from publications or come across articles titled along the lines of ….

The top 10 things High Performers do,

7 Habits of Winners,

5 Morning Routines for Victory


I’m sure you know exactly what I’m referring to as you are reading this very article. I often see a number of articles like this and it really got me thinking, besides from inspiration, how deep, far and wide does the content go in terms of creating a real impact for the reader?

Are the strategies on a whole what every extraordinary performer, winner or leader does?

I mean every ‘successful’ being?

As the strategies in every article on the top 5,10,15 tips/tools always vary, differ and can be generic, this got me thinking on a very basic level, what are the best tools that actually work and are the difference that make the difference?

What are the game changing ideas in high performance that you can apply today? I literally mean 2-3 habits that you would find exist within the top performers across a number of industries.

As a Peak Performance Coach, my passion is working with Entrepreneurs and High Performers to help them be and operate at their very best. My obsession is unleashing an elite performance within the extraordinary individual I am coaching 1-2-1, the audience in front of me at a seminar/workshop I run or through an article/publication like this.

For todays article, I am approaching things very differently and will share 5 strategies with you that I have found really make a true impact in the levels of our achievement and the success we envision.

Without further ado the 5 strategies are:

Strategy 1- Extraordinary Performers sharpen their self awareness & break the rules

Strategy 2- See Strategy 1

Strategy 3- See Strategy 1

Strategy 4- See Strategy 1

Strategy 5- See Strategy 1

Thats right, extraordinary performers understand they create their world from the inside out and break the rules often because they sharpen one skill consistently……self awareness.

There is a hidden power in self awareness that many are unaware of and this for me is more powerful than 5 top tips I could loop together and publish in an article for you.

High performers don’t do things by the norm but enjoy shaking things up, disrupting industries, innovating and discovering the best methods that help them create more impact in the world around them.

We live in an age where there is an abundance of information….literally…. and everywhere you look there is an expert, guru, genie, magician & speaker with the latest 100 strategies to XYZ. The truth is, leaders who continually cultivate self awareness tend to break the rules & act through knowing thyself and their game as they understand there is no single path to victory.

Through working with thousands of people, I have found that the path to victory is very very individual for each extraordinary high performer as we are built so very differently.

One of my mentors recently shared an insight with me so profound that it blew my mind.

He said that most of us who want to play the game of life at the highest level, look for the perfect system, to model other successful people, to find ‘the right way’ or ‘the best path’….but the truth is….most of the successful people you see today, created and discovered their system as they went along their journey.

This insight truly blew me away.

There are hundreds of tactics masked as strategies you can implement but to achieve high performance, one of the best insights counter intuitively, is to step away and uncover what you need in this moment itself that can help you do, be & achieve more in the things that matter most.

You’ve heard those cheesy but incredibly accurate quotes along the lines of ‘slowing down is speeding up’ and I agree. Connection with yourself is power and information can be suffocation.

I believe that if we want to achieve our best, we need to treat ourselves like a high performance machine. This involves acknowledging the noise/hustle & bustle around us and looking at our engine to identify, what will help you transform the impact and success you are looking to create whether as an Entrepreneur, Leader, CEO, Parent or any other key role.

Trust your intuition and awareness, everyone has an opinion on the best morning rituals, routines, habits, steps to do XYZ and its vital we continue to learn to strengthen our mindset, but without forgetting to design your own system tailor made for you that serves your ultimate purpose.

“Connection with yourself is power and information can be suffocation”

The key to peak performance is understanding you! Instead of giving you an actual list of 3,4,5,99 things successful people do…..

instead I have a challenge for you.

Spend some time creating even more self awareness, uncover your blind spots, identify what you can do more off and less off… and then go out there & break the rules. The rules meaning what is safe, popular by others and practiced for a number of years but may be the very holding you back.

Disruption & innovation can equal massive progress. It is time to disrupt your routines, lifestyle, decision making framework etc?

Instead lean inwards, see what works for you. Whatever does fantastic, whatever does not, let it go and craft a path out of what is true for you.

I love learning from a number of experts across the world in a variety of fields such as health, psychology, relationships, business, economics but one mindset i’ve always carried with me is that I only practice knowledge not because of what is recommended, but because of what is most relevant to me in this moment in time.

As Reid Hoffman famously said “An entrepreneur is someone who will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.”

I believe this quote applies to a number of people whether entrepreneurs or not. Sometimes we need to take that leap, push our comfort zone and create our system as we go along.

There is a time for planning, mapping & strategy but at times, certainty is created through self awareness and growing through the uncertainty.

Is it time you took that leap or jumped out of the metaphorical plane?

I would love to hear what you personally took and will implement after reading this article! Comment below and i’ll respond to you as soon as I can.

Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at raghav@raghavparkash.com. 

Live Empowered,

Your friend and coach, 

Raghav Parkash


Good Morning reader,

I have an important question for you, is your morning ritual serving you or holding you back?

On today’s message, I want to bring you a powerful strategy to help you OWN this week, instead of letting the week OWN you.

For some of you that may sound like a ‘nice idea’ but how about we make OWNING your day & time a reality?

The biggest insight I could share with you to do this, and today’s gift, is the power of your Morning Ritual.

Morning rituals are the key to productivity, and making sure you run the day and as Jim Rohn would say’ Instead of the day running you”

I’m sure you’ve been through times when you wake up and feel tired, sluggish and the next thing you know you’re at work, and the day has passed, and you haven’t really achieved what you set out to do.

You can change that, you can ensure you don’t have days like that again, and you can ensure you live with purpose & conviction.

Today, cultivate the habit of developing powerful morning habits and rituals that will enhance your day.

WHY? Because you become what you do consistently, and you create your future by the seeds you plant on a daily basis. If you have consistent days where you are not planting any seeds, you won’t reap any fruits in the future!!! 

Here are some examples of the morning rituals that I do and have done that have really made a difference for me (the key in doing this, is to know the purpose behind each ritual to make it lasting change).

There are so many more rituals you can adopt, but if you look at the top achievers across the world, they all have morning rituals that help them be the best in their craft.

I recently had a conversation with an attendee at one of my seminars who claimed he doesn’t have any morning rituals, but I challenged him and said he did, and his current standards and habits weren’t serving him at all. We all have morning rituals whether we know it or not, but the question is, what are you rituals doing for you?

What morning rituals will you start adopting and committing to? What are your new standards? 

After all:

“You make your rituals, and your rituals make you”

I hope this post has really inspired you to adopt morning rituals, maximise the impact of your day and to experience the best version of you consistently.

If there is anything I can do to serve or support you, feel free to reach out to me by responding to this post, and i’d love it if you also let me know what your biggest insights and take aways are, and what rituals you will now start adopting?

Until next time, Live Empowered!

Your Friend and Coach,

Raghav Parkash

Some describe Luck as having something to do with gambling, some say Luck is something we have little control over and others say Lucky people are born with Luck.

My favourite definition of Luck is Labour Under Correct Knowledge, implying that Luck, is the result of persistence in the right direction, and actually something within our control.

As Arnold Palmer the legendary golfer said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get” so it seems that Luck is something that we can actually influence on a very powerful and controllable level.

I have found that there are two strategies we have to focus on to create more luck, leading to even more success in our lives:

Strategy 1: Creating Opportunities

It doesn’t matter what results or shifts you want in your life, if you don’t ‘stack the deck in your favour’ and create opportunities or open doors, then you will always be stuck or plateau within your current circumstances.

Strategy 2: Taking and Seizing opportunities

When opportunity comes knocking, how ready and prepared are you really to seize the opportunity at hand? Now before you say …duh, of course…I am talking about challenging your comfort zone, facing your fears, pushing yourself regularly in to the unknown and also working on your biggest internal and external challenges.

We all want the results but how many of us are really ready to put in the miles, the distance or lift those weights?

At the end of the day, you can create all the opportunities in the world, but if you don’t take action, you will always be unlucky.

1. So how you can start creating more opportunities?

Whether you want to take your health to the next level, improve your financial circumstance or have more energy, what actions can you take to create more success and breakthroughs in these areas?

2. Secondly, where are you not seizing opportunities or taking actions that you know you are capable of taking?

As Michael Jordan said, “You miss all the shots you don’t take” so where are you not taking the shots you are capable of?

Reflection Point: Make a list of all the actions you could take/haven’t taken as of yet, and then if you are ready to play, put a date/time next to each action to commit to achieving it by then.

Start telling yourself “I am Lucky” every day, because one study also found that people who believed they were lucky, tend to create more if it. After all, why wouldn’t you be lucky, especially if you are committed to creating and taking life changing opportunities!

I hope this post has really inspired you to go out there, and create your own LUCK!

If there is anything I can do to serve or support you, feel free to reach out to me by commenting below, or direct messaging me.

Until next time, Live Empowered!

Your Friend and Coach,

Raghav Parkash

Do you want change? Change in your business? Change in your relationships with others?

One of the most powerful lessons i’ve learnt from a teacher & mentor of mine, Jim Rohn, is that “for things to change, we must change

Change is something we all want on some level or another whether it is supporting your family more, your loved ones, being the best in your career and what you do, managing your team better or even improving your financial situation.

Change feeds who we are. Change feeds your spirit and soul, but the question is, are you first willing to change?

We all have the ability to create any shift or change or breakthrough we want in our life, but as Gandhi said we need to ‘be the change you wish to see in the word”

Change comes from the inside out, not outside in.

Whatever part of your life, business and game you want to transform, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How you are creating your current circumstances?

2. What would need to happen from you to create the shifts and changes you desire?

I hope this short post has really inspired you to dive deep within to create the changes you want whether in your business, relationships, performance or any other aspect that is important to you.

I’m running a small competition with a prize for anyone who messages me privately answering those two questions. I will reach out to the winner by mid next week to give you time to really hone in to the questions.

Make today outstanding!

Your friend and coach,

Raghav Parkash


That’s a big bold statement I know, I wanted to share with you a strategy that you can gift yourself, that will help you re-align your thinking for success.

I’ve just come back from running one of my signature events last weekend, Master Your Mindset, and what an incredible event it was.

Problems = Opportunities was one of the big concepts we covered during the seminar.

The truth behind problems/challenges is that, they will only be problems if we let them be, but behind every challenge we face in our life, lies an empowering gift.

If you take yourself back to some of the challenges or hurdles you have been through whether in life or business, I bet you’re probably grateful for a lot of the challenges because of what they gave you.

Gifts of a stronger Mindset, more emotional resilience, learning how to do something faster or better or even realising that perhaps it wasn’t the right path for you.

Growth is one of the fundamental pillars for life, and if we stop growing, we start dying.

Challenges allow us to grow in every single way and enable us to achieve ultimate personal growth. If you don’t believe me that’s great as you don’t have to…but just imagine a world without problems or challenges……boring is one word that comes to mind.

It’s almost like watching a movie for the 10th time knowing what comes next….yeah I know right

What if you saw every problem or challenge as gift & learning opportunity in disguise, how would you show up differently? What would change in your life?

Problems can be problems, or problems can be opportunities for growth and moving closer to becoming the best you.

You choose which, but as Tony Robbins says “It is in your moments of decision, that your destiny is shaped”

What will you decide?

If there is anything I can do to serve or support you then please feel free to reach out to me directly, but until then, enjoy your Friday, and have an outstanding weekend.

Live Empowered,

Your Friend and Coach,


I wanted to send you a short reminder to let you know that, if you haven’t accomplished or achieved some of the goals you have set out for yourself/your life….keep going as you are so close to victory.

In fact……you’re only 2mm off from reaching your destination.

It doesn’t sound like much and you may find it difficult to grasp, but we very often (this has been me many times) get in to the habit of thinking we’re miles away from where we should be, because we don’t have the results we want yet.

Because I don’t have the confidence, or am not in a relationship or not performing at work, or I have problems leading my team…….and so forth.

I am here to tell you what you already know to be true……you’re so close and are only 2mm away from victory.

Any shift, breakthrough or result you want requires just a 2mm shift in thinking/decision making:-

Having More Confidence- A 2mm shift in what you think about and focus on, and how you see yourself

Following your dream- A 2mm shift of making the decision to discover more about you, instead of settling in a job you don’t like.

Improving your relationships- A 2mm shift of saying, being or doing something with your loved one daily that touches their heart

Becoming Healthier- A 2mm shift in your exercise routine or food plan

Performing Better at Work- A 2mm shift of letting go of anything slowing you down, or doing what you do 2mm better every day.

And so forth…

You are so close my friends…..keep going.

If there is anything I can do to support you, or if you would like to connect for a powerful coaching experience to set and plan your 2017 to succeed, feel free to send me a direct message and get in touch.

Until next time, have an outstanding rest of week

Live Empowered,

Your Friend and Coach,


Dear Reader,

I have a challenge for you today…. that if you accept…

I know will have an Extraordinary impact on any personal/career/business goals you are working towards, results you desire & also any Breakthroughs you seek….

If you are in and ready to play…. let the games begin and your challenge lies below in this short post.

Mastery… a journey of growth. A journey that we are on & a journey that never finishes.

I’m curious, what right now is the next shift you want to create in your life/business or career? Where in your world are you looking for a Breakthrough?

Neuroscientists, Coaches, Therapists & Psychologists say that today, it now takes 66 days to form a new habit.

66 Days of continual, persistent, focused & inspired repetition!

‘Repetition is the mother of all skill’

Your Challenge: Whatever your goals or objectives are for the remainder of the year, or even your personal ambitions/life’s vision…

I challenge you to:-

1. Choose 1-2 habits you would absolutely benefit by developing & mastering, which would in turn help you make significant strides towards the achievement of your goals/vision.

Habits personal to you and they could be anything from and beyond:

N.B. Choose wisely…. what would really truly make a difference to the quality of your work, success & personal Growth?

2. Secondly, to then practice the habit/s every single day for 66 days.

Whatever your chosen habits are……set aside time/space for the habits as appropriate..and then commit to focused practice everyday for 66 days.

There was a reason Jim Rohn said ‘Repetition is the mother of all skill’ because what you repeat and practice with consistency is who you become.

I truly believe that we don’t get what we want…but what we demand and command from ourselves with consistency, determination & resolve.

Whatever your chosen habits are, practice them for 66 days because then the habits will become a part of who you are. You’re thinking and Psychology will become rewired for Peak Performance as these habits and way of life become second nature… almost like breathing.

Now imagine the impact that could have on you personally & professionally……

Once you have completed the 66 days… CELEBRATE! and then start the challenge again with some more powerful habits you want to integrate in to your world!

What will you choose to do? Comment Below and let the Games Begin!

If there is anything I can serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at raghav@raghavparkash.com.

Live Empowered and make this week extraordinary!

Your friend and Business Coach London,

Raghav Parkash

I don’t know….

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck when asked an interesting or challenging question…. or when you are in a very unfamiliar situation in business or even personally… to only answer it with I don’t know (or a similar answer).

That feeling of anxiousness, heat & blankness filling your entire body… leaving us with the feeling of I don’t know swimming around in our mind and thinking.

I’ve been there too… many a time and today, I want to share with you a powerful distinction/insight that will help you surge beyond these blind spots and harness the power of your creativity.

The truth is, I don’t know is one of the least resourceful ways of thinking and responses we could ever conjure up during a time we seek answers or knowledge.

Yet I don’t know seems to be a very natural and easily produced response.

When i’m in the process of coaching my clients, I often hear them say I don’t know when asked powerful questions, but then shortly after, they follow up with but it could be X or Y or Z.

It truly amazes me because not only do they have the answer but the answer comes from within them not outside of them.

Insight 1: Very often when you think you don’t know, most of the time you actually do know…if you give yourself the space & time to reflect in that moment.

Also to believe in YOU a bit more.

Saying I don’t know is just a defensive protection mechanism that stops your mind from doing the deep sea diving and searching for answers.

You could also call it a form of mental laziness to avoid doing the work.

Another of my mentors reminds me that ‘Our language creates our world’ and how much truth does this statement hold as when we use ‘I don’t know’…the vast majority of the time, we end up not knowing.

Very often, I don’t know is just simply a natural response we have wired in to our thinking from a young age by practicing it with repetition and focus during times of uncertainty.

I actually ban my clients from using I don’t know… and they don’t initially like me for it but the rewards are great in the future. (Who said breaking an unresourceful habit is always easy 🙂 )

There is this cheesy coaching question some coaches use when a client is unsure and reads along the lines of:

Client: ‘I don’t know’

Coach: ‘I know you don’t know but if you did know what would you say?’

I told you it was cheesy right? But this inspired way of thinking does produce extraordinary results.

When you don’t know… slow down, take a moment and go within. See what shows up for you.

What would you recommend someone else do if they were in your shoes? If you did know the answer, what would you say or contribute?

Now what happens when you genuinely don’t know the answer… and you are in a situation where you need to find out.

Insight 2: Ask resourceful questions!

One of my mentors often reminds me that our life & business is a direct result of the quality questions we ask or don’t ask.

During moments in your business where you are unsure of the answer…it is very easy to let the mental chatter or monkey mind to take over and disempower us.

One of the best strategies to re-focus and tap in to our personal power is by asking resourceful questions. Questions such as:

  • How can I find out?
  • What are 2-3 strategies I can use learn the answer
  • If I were coaching a best friend on this situation, what would I say?
  • What would need to happen or be in place for me to reach my outcome
  • Who else do I know that is likely to have the answer or has been in a similar situation before?
  • We always get what we focus on.

    ‘Our language creates our world’

    If you want to be more focused & creative, I challenge and invite you to ask powerful questions to direct your mindset for focus and creativity.

    Challenge: I also challenge you to ban ‘I don’t know’ from your vocabulary. Challenge yourself and see what happens.

    I would love to hear from you and see how the challenge is serving you.

    Here’s to your continued success & I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

    If there is anything I can serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at raghav@raghavparkash.com.

    Live Empowered and make this week extraordinary!

    Your friend and coach,

    Raghav Parkash

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    • Overcoming Limited Beliefs & Negative Thinking
    • Time Management, Productivity & Taking action
    • Getting Clarity & Staying Focused
    • Strategy, Organisation & Planning
    • Motivation
    • Breaking through procrastination
    • Maximising Energy
    • Health/Fitness/Wellbeing
    • Creating Habits
    • Reducing Stress
    • Social Skills/Networking



    April 5, 2018

    Your Decisions Shape Your Results & Reality

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    3 Decisions Leaders Make Daily

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    5 Things Extraordinary Performers Do

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