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Do you like an upgrade? Have you ever been on a long haul flight or journey where you’ve been offered a complimentary upgrade to first/business class or something equivalent? Maybe free tailoring & adjustments on a suit or outfit? Drinks or your meal on the house? It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it but I have a question for you…is it time to give your life an upgrade? As a High Performance & Life Coach London,
“The more successful you become, the higher the quality of the challenges you will face” – Rich Litvin Powerful yet so true. Have you ever achieved a level of success you’ve always wanted and found the journey that follows after, is stress & challenge free….. I thought so too….neither has anyone else before. The conundrum that many ambitious, driven, success orientated & impact focused people experience is that, the greater the vision or goal, the
Have you ever worked with a Coach before? Before you say Yes, I’m not talking about a Sports, Tennis, Swimming, Golf or Football Coach I’m referring to hiring your very own Personal Life Coach. As a Coach, I have always worked with a coach through my entire ‘coaching journey’ because of the benefits, impact and ROI on a number of areas in my life/business. I don’t I believe you ever ‘need’ coaching, but coaching is
2mm is the difference between your success and your failure…. just 2mm Working with and coaching number of high performers, Executives, CEO’s, Business’s & Entrepreneurs, I have found that the difference between victory and failure, winning or not achieving your outcome….. is just a 2mm difference. 2mm in: -your thinking -your decision making  -how you manage your emotions  -how you lead others -how you start the day and run your day  -how you deal with challenges
Leadership, success & creating an impact starts with you! A day of clients and coaching sessions. My favourite place to coach inspiring Entrepreneurs with extraordinary visions. Wentworth Golf Club (Picture Above) What I love about high achievers and the clients I am humbled to work with is that they understand 1 thing that separates them from the rest. The 1 principle that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary. That is, you can only have
Part 2 the Motivation Question Welcome to this weeks 2ndarticle of the series on how you can be and perform at your very best in your life & business. If you didn’t manage to catch part 1…not to worry and you can grab the powerful insight here: Enjoy…. so, let’s dive in to part 2 which is the second force and key question that ensures High Performers & Achievers get the very best from
2 words ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT 2 of the ultimate forces to Personal Power! The very force that creates your world! You’re working away, #hustling #grinding #whatever…ing towards the life and business you want… You might have worked on your mindset, thinking or focus… You might be working around the clock or not at all On top of that you’re feeling the stress and pressure that comes with being ambitious, hungry and driven Maybe financial stress,
4 Keys to Peak Performance & Creating the Extraordinary- The 1st Power Question Let me ask you a question…What do you want? Clarity…..clarity is the very very first step to creating peak performance and extraordinary results in any area of your life & business. Clarity on the outcome, the result, the vision & where you ultimately want to steer towards! It doesn’t matter what part of your life you want to shift, transform, turn around,
Dear Reader, I have an interesting question for you..but can you answer it? The question is….what book are you reading?  I recently came across an interesting statistic that states the average leader & CEO reads between 23-26 books every year As cheesy as the expression is but also so true at the same time…’leaders are readers‘ When I ask you ‘what book are you reading’, i’m not referring to a J.K Rowling creation but i’m
The difference between Ordinary & Extraordinary…. The difference between high performance & mediocrity….. The difference between success & failure Do you know what the difference is…….. 2mm….. That’s right…. You might have heard about the golf analogy that the difference between an extraordinary shot…. and one that ends up in a lake or house… can be as little as 2mm from how the club strikes the ball. Amazing to think that just a 2mm shift

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