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Dear Reader, I’m curious….. what does Stress mean to you? It’s interesting because as I write this article….. today is International Stress Awareness Day, how co-incidental. So what does Stress mean to you? The Stress that crops up in your business…. or at work…. when you are at home…or even thinking about the next holiday and how you will make it happen. When I work with my clients, stress is one of the top factors
Dear Reader, Do you ever feel stressed? Stress is one of the biggest obstacles/challenges many of us face and regularly. Whether you are in business…running a business.. working in the public sector… or even at home… one thing I know for sure is you’ve probably experienced stress on some level. Last week was International Stress Awareness Day and here on LinkedIn to coincide with the day, I had written the first of a 2 part
Some say this is one of the most abused quotes in the self development space at the moment. I couldn’t agree more… (you might have a hunch I’m not a fan of this quote) Yet at the same time I’ve come across a number of Entrepreneurs, Directors & Leaders who turn to ‘Fake it till you make it’ when life/business gets tough and happens to us. Which lets be honest…is very often which is one
“You make your standards & your standards make you” Little did I know at the time how much power this very statement holds. The strategies you do & the person you decide to be daily…or not, that creates the results you have. As a Peak Performance Coach, I’m privileged to work with a number of extraordinary Entrepreneurs, High Performers & Executive Leaders who want to be their best while creating the impact they envision. Ultimately
What does it take to become ‘World Class’ at what you do? Maybe that is an ambition of yours or maybe not but regardless, there is one fact we know for sure. You want to achieve success, success on your terms and what success means to you personally as well as professionally. Early on in my journey as a coach & speaker, one of my first mentors often quoted Jim Rohn and used to say
Self Awareness, One of the most undervalued and under appreciated skillsets one can master. If you are in business and desire to be an effective leader, CEO, entrepreneur, role model or manager, sharpening your Self Awareness is a mentality we must consistently adopt & practice otherwise, not doing so will be at the detriment to your success & growth. Self Awareness for me ultimately means knowing thyself, understanding your blind spots/weaknesses & identifying your growth
Dear Reader, With the new year fast approaching, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you for a new and exciting series of 7 articles on ‘The 7 Powerful Rituals of Extraordinary High Performers’ During each article, I will be diving in to one of the 7 powerful rituals with you to help you be your best, inspire peak performance from yourself and others and importantly, create the lifestyle you want in 2018. I
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Dear Reader, As the New year is fast approaching, I am sure like me you are eagerly anticipating the extraordinary things that lie ahead & the change that a new year brings. But sometimes, the hardest challenge can be starting the New Year with gusto, grace, elegance and ultimately having ‘the best start’ we possibly can. The trap many fall in to is waiting for the new year to come before deciding how we truly
You are heading in to a meeting, presentation, or social situation…& there are a billion thoughts going through your head. Am I good enough? What if I fail? I hope I don’t slip up? What if they all think I am a joke? What if they don’t like me? You are beginning to sweat, your heart is racing, your body is shaking…. and deep down, you are wondering how you can get out of this

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