Coaching Insight: Failure is a part of your greatest successes

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Blogs

Coaching Insight: Your Greatest Successes come one step beyond your greatest FAILures

LEAN IN to Failure & Be Bold, Be Courageous.

As a High Performance & Life Coach, one of the areas I coach a number of my clients on through their journey in business….and life

is their fear around FAILure and the incredible pressure/stress that comes with it. I’m talking,

The fear of:

Failing in business

Failing as a boss

Failing in your career

Failing as a role model, partner, husband/wife or parent

Failing to manage your stress & personal challenges as they creep up in a busy lifestyle

The list goes on and on and on, do you resonate with this?

But by holding on to this fear, imagine what it is costing you?

  • What actions are you not taking?
  • How are you playing small in order to feel safe?
  • What risks are you avoiding?
  • What quality of life are you not creating?

As Coach, I bring my clients back to who they really & truly are and when you operate from this space,

you begin to notice things very differently.

A few key distinctions they find is that:

– They create their own Fear and what they see tends to be much much more worse than things actually are

– Their biggest successes to date have come as a result of their most significant failures

– Success on any level is not possible without experiencing failure

– Failure is never failure if you learn from it. You either Win or Learn

– (My Personal Favourite) They are the leader, person & role model they are today as a result of their biggest setbacks

A Powerful Invitation: If you are feeling the pressure, stress & fear in running your business or any key areas of your life:

I invite you to lean in to your edge and define what failure actually means for you.

I invite you to look beyond fear and envision what is possible

I invite you to create a vision without fear and then map out the steps & strategies (that are in your control) you can take to bring your vision in to life

As they say, Feel the fear & do it anyway.

You can never be Fearless (in my opinion) but you can embrace/dance with your fear

and make more resourceful decisions in the process.

Let any fear/emotion drive you to more of the Extraordinary things you seek and the lifestyle you deserve.

LEAN IN to Failure & Be Bold, Be Courageous,

because life won’t give you what you want but what you demand of yourself consistently.

Live Empowered,

Your Friend and Coach,

My Invitation & gift to you:

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Or do you think you’d benefit from getting clear, unblocked and focused on your goals/vision?

Maybe you are at the point where you want to make more happen in your life/business and you are not sure how or would like more accountability and support to get ‘unstuck’….

If so, i’d like to invite you to a powerful coaching experience where we can dive in to your world and design a set of strategies that will help you perform at your best and maximise your potential.

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Your friend and coach,

Raghav Parkash