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Are you an Entrepreneur and wanting to get more out of yourself and your business?


Would you like to run your business without all the stress, pressure & tension?


Are you at times overwhelmed & unfocused by how much you feel you need to get done & accomplish?


Do you feel like you’re not quite performing at your best and something is holding you back from getting the results you want?


Are you at times caught up in worry, self-criticism & self-doubt that are getting in the way of running your business?

Is this you?

If you’ve just answered ‘yes’, I’d like to invite you to a coaching experience with me where we’ll spend up to 2 hours diving in to any part of your business and life that you’d like to see improved.

Important Note:


This is not a taster/strategy/discovery sales-esque session where you will be sold something.


This is a fully immersive session where you’ll get to sit on the hot seat and experience what it’s like to be one of my clients.


At the end of the call, there’s no sales pitch nor any obligation for you to do anything. If you’d like to book a time in for a session, fill in the form above and I’ll be in touch with you personally to get this arranged.

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Many people misunderstand why you would engage the services of a life coach, for some, they are struggling with certain aspects of life, but for me, it was to play a bigger game, to maximize my potential, to be the best version I can. Rag has not disappointed. Combined with our regular check-in and calls (where he just sees what’s missing instantly and guides you) and the extended network he has, my goal has been achieved.

I am on a completely different road map to life before Rag. I can’t recommend him highly
enough, he has changed my life!

Dr Harry Singh
Entrepreneur, Author & Investor

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