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Are you ready for more success?

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About Raghav Parkash

As a Coach, my work and life’s mission is to help hungry and committed individuals operate at their very best, and create an extraordinary and fulfilling quality of life. Nothing less.

I have had the privilege of working with thousands of people through my coaching, seminars and workshops from a range of backgrounds such as CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Business Leaders, Recruiters, Government Officials, Singers, Actors, Therapists, Lawyers, Bankers, Coaches, Consultants, Product designers, Engineers right through to Students.

Are You Ready For More Success?

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When I heard Rag was speaking at a business event, I had no hesitation in booking on. I was not disappointed. A very sincere, knowledgeable and funny person. I decided there and then within minutes that I wanted Rag as my life coach. Many people misunderstand why you would engage the services of a life coach, for some, they are struggling with certain aspects of life, but for me, it was to play a bigger game, to maximize my potential, to be the best version I can. Rag has not disappointed. Combined with our regular check in and calls (where he just sees what’s missing instantly and guides you) and the extended network he has, my goal has been achieved. I am on completely different road map to life before Rag. I cant recommend him highly enough, he has changed my life!

Dr Harry Singh

The higher your ambitions, the steeper the waves of success & the crashes that come with it! From personal experience I know that doing things alone is not possible, it is lonely but on top of that it takes time to come back up as soon as you crash. Do you need a coach? No, but do you need to be in top 1%? The two for me go hand in hand, having someone who understands the journey (specifically crashes!), asks the right questions and provides a cushion for when you are at a low point is what coaching means to me. I love the power of Raghavs’ coaching because he is real, authentic and has a no bullshit approach. I would recommend him to anyone running a business, in a director role or with ambition to be in either of those. Most stressful positions require the toughest minds and you are not born with one, toughest minds are trained! Get a coach!

Victoria Tattum

Raghav is an incredible human being, full of wisdom, a huge heart, an infectious energy and a deep ability to serve the clients he works with! Rag is a mindset master and understands what it takes to shift your thinking and your actions in order to create what you most want in your outer world AND to become the most confident, powerful, and impactful version of yourself you can be! I would highly recommend Raghav for anyone who is looking to be challenged to reach beyond anything they thought was possible in their personal and professional lives by a coach who has done the work, walks his talk and lives his message!

Jason Goldberg

When I first met Raghav it was in a business setting but, his warmth and positive energy shone through and I thought that I would like to be able to shine like that! Initially I enjoyed discussing my business visions in such an open and idyllic way. I felt very uplifted after each session and as a result very pro active with my action steps. As a sole trader it is essential to be held accountable for taking action! As with any coaching it can unearth some personal issues and delivers some real learning curves but Raghav encourages, supports and guides you through it helping you through the haze enabling you to enjoy the journey towards your vision. Every business owner needs a coach to keep you on target, enjoy the celebrations along the way and certainly for me to help you really believe that I can make that difference in the world, that my footprint truly matters. -

Claire Robilliard

Raghav is a Legend! Within a short period of time, I was able to open up and talk about my worst thoughts & fears. We explored how I felt about myself and some really powerful stuff came up, stuff that I was suppressing. Raghav was completely focused on my issues for the entire session. I have gone from an emotional wreck to someone who feels good about himself and the future. Everyday since then, I have been making better choices and starting to take control of my life. Everyday is a step closer to being the best person I can be. I would recommend Raghav to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life.

Z Ahmed

Raghav's professionalism and passion for his vocation shine through in everything he does. He is a highly skilled and effective coach and I benefited tremendously from our 1:2:1 seasons. I never fail to be impressed by Rag's positivity and wise words with every encounter and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Martin Dupont

Raghav is a genuine, passionate and compassionate man. He is a knowledgable source and a personal example of high performance principals, and his commitment to my success inspired me to take action and progress my goals. He is an excellent listener, and his generosity is a shining light. I would highly recommend him as a coach.

Gil Cohen Alloro

When I heard Rag was speaking at a business event, I had no hesitation in booking on. I was not disappointed. Raghav has been a great inspiration and totally amazing! His coaching is focused, sharp and I know it’ll unleash my current and new business venture to the NEXT level. I thank you and look forward to our next meet.

Faisal Khokar

Raghav has a unique way of seeing the world. He genuinely believes in people and if you commit to working with him, he will support you no matter what. He is an unbelievable coach, with a gentle, yet empowering spirit. I have been so lucky to share my journey with him and my life has gone to the next level. I am endlessly blessed!

Melissa Panero