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As an entrepreneur or someone in a senior leadership position, I can imagine that there are a number of times in and out of your work and business, you are faced with challenging, pressured and stressful situations.

As a London Executive and Business coach, one of the key reasons clients seek me out for coaching is to make sure they are performing at their best but also, to ensure they can effectively navigate the stress and pressure they experience through their role.

For today’s article, I want to share with you a number of steps you can take to help you navigate any pressure you experience day to day and perform at your very best in the key areas that matter most towards your business, work and personal livelihood.

When I coach any clients around pressure, these are some of the key insights that stand out to me: 


1. Pressure is very normal and human

One of the biggest things that has really helped me during times of intense stress and pressure, is to remember how normal and human it is to feel this way.

Every single Entrepreneur and leader I have ever coached experiences stress and pressure but in ways that vary from person to person.

If you are feeling stressed at all within the pressure of your role, don’t give yourself a hard time. This will only turn up the heat and hinder your performance. Instead give yourself some space and time to switch off and completely take a step back whether 10 minutes or an hour and you will then return with a fresher and more creative perspective.

Slowing down during times like this is truly speeding up.

2. Where your pressure is ACTUALLY coming from

Whenever I coach any entrepreneur or leader, I often see we have a belief that stress or pressure comes from our business or our work or our livelihoods.

The truth behind this which is good news and also very liberating is that, it is not our business or work which is inherently stressful.

There are sure times when the pressure really is ramping up and does gain the better of us, and there are other times things feel more flow like like or calmer but pressure and stress Isn’t a constant factor inherent in the things we do. If business or work was stressful…we would be constantly stressed. 

Where the pressure does come from, is when we are usually caught up in our fears about what we think will happen.

What if I fail? What if things fall apart? What if I don’t succeed? What if I failed to meet my target? What if I fail to achieve my objectives? What if what if what if?

Sound familiar?

Sometimes, it’s very easy to forget how real our fears feel and we end up being so concerned about our fears versus directing our energy and focus to the very things our business or work requires right now. 

When we recognise the role our fears play, we then begin to slow down and actually feel less concerned or stressed about what could go wrong as our fears come and go….

We then return to a space which you might describe as being the flow where we are calmer, more focused, we make effective decisions and take strategic actions that can help you succeed.

It really is okay to feel human and concerned about what lies ahead, but what makes these moments easier is that they come and go just like the weather and we can learn to thrive and succeed during these times.


3. The truth about pressure

You don’t need pressure to succeed.

I’m not sure if you noticed this in others, but you might be able to think of that one person in your business or office that looks like they’re constantly stressed.

Very often, I find that the reason people experience higher levels of stress and pressure is because on some level, they think that their success comes about and is a direct result of the stress & pressure they place on themselves. 

Now I appreciate at times we experience the pressure of challenging situations but think about the areas of your life where you experience success, harmony and flow… Your relationships… Your health… Your family life…

Can you imagine if adding stress and pressure would help or hinder you in these areas?

We have this belief that in order to succeed at anything, we need to ramp up the amount of stress and pressure we put on ourselves in order to perform.

I used to absolutely do this personally thinking the more pain, the more gain. The more I go all in and try to do life on 5th gear….you get my drift. 

The truth is, that the more pressure we put on our self, the less clear focused and effective we really are in the things that matter most.

It might sound so counterintuitive but when we release the pressure and stress from any part of our performance, we begin to become so much more effective and make much better decisions and key actions towards the goals we want to achieve.

Can you imagine a sports person ramping up the pressure for themselves before they go onto a pitch or someone ramping up pressure before a date they are going onto…or a pitch….or presentation…or anything else. 

You can just imagine the disaster this would be, but for some reason we don’t see it this way with Business and all the things that we believe matter.

I’m guessing in the key areas where are you really thriving and succeeding, this is as a result of you throwing yourself into things, life, business and the task at hand to do what’s required.

It’s the same concept as ‘Beginners Luck’, when we throw ourselves into any task without feeling like our life, success and wellbeing is on the line (which it rarely ever is), we tend to do so much better and go further.

I don’t believe beginners are lucky…but the mindset behind beginners luck can point us to something extraordinary to see for ourselves and the impact we want to make.

I talk more about this same understanding in one of my recent articles on Stress & High Performance HERE

4. Navigating Pressure = Extraordinary Leadership 

One reason I really love this understanding and approach, is because of the invaluable character growth or personal development that occurs which only helps us create more success and a bigger impact.

I truly believe to be effective leaders or entrepreneurs, we need to have great self-awareness. I’m sure you’ve worked with managers or have had bosses who have struggled with the leadership side of their work but are competent and great at what they do.

This is a classic example of what I am talking about here and the more we can understand ourselves, the more impactful we are for others.

Through understanding the truths about how we experience pressure, the less we begin to add pressure on to ourselves, our game or objectives and goals. As a result, we are so much more calmer, focused, effective and inspirational for the people we are leading, managing and supporting.  

Whenever I have coached anybody on the topic of confidence towards their goals and vision, often, the answer is lowering the stress and pressure we place on ourselves because what then comes through is our real abilities to perform in the most challenging and simplest of situations

I also talk about this HERE in my article with Stylist Magazine

Thanks once again for visiting my website and reading this article, if I can support you with the insights shared in this article or toward anything you’d like to accomplish this year in your business or career, please do send me an email telling me more and it would be great to connect with you.

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My best wishes,
Raghav Parkash

When I used to hear the word creativity, I used to think of artistic talent or music…which both were not my forte hence I would label myself as anything but creative (which I know many of us still do today)

Now and today I believe I am incredibly creative, not that I am the modern Picasso nor has my singing or musical abilities improved since my childhood but because creativity, for me is how we can use our intelligence and resources to solve challenges, overcome setbacks and take successful steps forward through uncertainty.

As a High-Performance Coach, this is one of the many key reasons my clients come to me, to understand how they can get even more out of themselves and navigate the complexities they face to create more success and impact in their business, career and life.  

One of the things that I see from the number of clients I coach that stops us from fully harnessing the power of our creative potential, is not realising the nature and way our creative potential actually works.

For some reason, we have it ingrained in us that in order for us to be successful in anything, we need to have all the answers at hand and almost an exact knowing of how everything is going to unfold in front of us and in perfect alignment to your game plan.

That sounds good in theory but the downside to this is that firstly, as one of my mentors often reminds me:


  1. Any plan, strategy or anything we think will happen… Is entirely made up
    (Have you ever had an experience before where things don’t work according to plan… I’m sure you know exactly what I mean…yet we still somehow find a way to succeed and thrive)

    But also and importantly

  1. Creativity for me in it’s fullest and truest definition is about being able to respond, adapt and adjust to business, life, your circumstances and everything else as you go along, one step at a time effectively while not being able to see the way ahead or more than what you can see in front of you from moment to moment. 

How can you possibly and ever know exactly what’s going to happen next?

Sure, you might be able to guess but it’s only a guess otherwise you would’ve won the lottery by now consistently. 

This is one reason we really struggle with being creative and responsive because we are so hungry for certainty (which doesn’t exist).

As a result, we don’t take the key actions that could help us create more success & impact in our business or careers out of fear of what could happen if we did, which as you can imagine really limits and blocks our creativity. 

It’s a very normal human instinct we all have and I’ve been there myself many times and I hear this often with clients:

What if I fail? What if things fall apart? What if I don’t succeed? What if…what if

What I am saying is that, our creativity and our success, doesn’t always come from knowing the exact way ahead but being able to respond to life and business as it happens moment to moment without complete clarity.

I recently had the joy of stumbling across an article about imposter syndrome not long ago which was very insightful.

The article in the nutshell outlines how a psychologist attended a significant conference to give a keynote and when she was speaking to her peers/friends during the break, (all whom are very successful and leaders in the fields), they individually shared said something with her that was very eye-opening.

They all in and out of their work had a sinking feeling looming over them along the lines of “I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m scared I will be found out”Now as I hear this, I was inspired by this piece because what it points to is how human we are deep down but we expect our self to be something other than human.

It’s not that they don’t know what they’re doing, it’s just that they don’t see the very factors in play that allow them to perform at such a high level…

That what has helped them create the success they have, is not needing to have all the answers but that they are very in tune with their creative ability to figure things out, to make complex decisions, and to come up with ideas one day at a time during the moments that matter most from boardroom meetings, challenging situations to difficult circumstances that are thrown at them from all angles. 

When challenges come up, they have an amazing track record of navigating them successfully to be where they are today but for some reason we all have a tendency to forget that and think our innate ability to navigate life like we have so far will suddenly just disappear and we are left on our own to work everything out. 

Steve Jobs, in my eyes is one of the most extraordinary visionaries to ever grace our world and he famously said something that inspires me to date.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust… Or somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something, yoghurt, destiny, life, Karma, Whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

I love this quote because what I think Steve is really pointing to, is that we have an ability to connect the dots like we always have, seeing how things have always come together through uncertain times and they will continue to going forward one step at a time if we don’t put extra pressure on ourselves to have everything worked out.

I explore this approach more strategically in one of my earlier blogs here

As an executive and life coach, my role is to point my clients to this fundamental truth which the more clearer we see, the less pressure we put on ourselves self and as a result we are more calmer and quieter which helps us perform better and make much better decisions.

Every day, we make hundreds of decisions, whether you call them small or big, decisions are just decisions or creativity and they come from the same space but where I have seen countless times we really struggle On decision-making, listening, communication, innovation, or performance is when we come away from this Truth and are really caught up in our own thinking and stress about how scary things look and believing we have to have a solid bullet-proof knowing of how our life and business will unfold. 

Another Steve Jobs example is how and you may have noticed, he always wore similar clothes, black shirts and jeans

When someone asked him about this, he responded that he didn’t want to waste time being caught up in his thinking every day about what he should wear today.

Instead, he was more interested in throwing himself into challenges and objectives for the day and using his creativity instead where needed. You could also call this avoiding decision fatigue. 

This is one of the many reasons my own coaching mentors would often tell me, the best way to thrive, succeed and navigate complex decisions is to actually slow down.

When we slow down whether you’re going for walk or taking time away from things that you are constantly working on, you will give yourself more mental space for our inbuilt creativity to kick in and provide us with insights and answers to the complexities were facing.

If you want an example of this, ask yourself why are you get most of your creative ideas.

For me it’s when I’m cooking or on the golf course and funny enough for my clients, they find their best ideas while in the shower. 

This article is not telling you to take a shower, play more golf or become the next Masterchef but in fact a very simple and fundamental truth that we are creative beings with an untapped creative potential.

Reid Hoffman, The founder of LinkedIn said 

“An entrepreneur Is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.”

I don’t believe this is just for entrepreneurs but for most people that want to create more out of their life and business.

Success always starts with just an idea of whether that’s making a sandwich to launching a business, sure the process will be very different between both of these outcomes but what remains constant is that we can navigate and achieve both one step at a time.

I’d like to leave you with a question, what if you didn’t need to see the entire way ahead with your goals, vision or projects?

What impact would this make for you?


P.S. I’d love to find out what insights you took from the blog and if I can support you in any way with your business/career goals and vision this year, please do send me an email at or through my website contact form and I will be in touch with you.

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As a Performance & Life Coach in a nutshell, my job is to help my clients get more out of themselves in their business or their career.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur and you want to achieve more business growth or an ambitious professional who is an executive or aspiring to become one and you’d like to have a greater impact within your role, my role as a Performance Coach is to help you do just that.

To see what is getting in the way of you having the greatest impact/success, to see what is holding you back and how to point you in the direction of really extracting the most from yourself and performing at your best.

One of the key things that I find often really gets in the way of us producing our best work, is down to the misunderstandings we have around performance.

Whenever I first initially meet a client who is an ambitious Entrepreneur or a Vision led leader, it often feels to them that key to performance, is to do more and throw more actions and as much work as humanely possible at where we want to move the needle and succeed.

The problem with this approach is that more often than not, it causes more stress, overwhelm and frustration at the same time and also it probably won’t have the best effect on the people around you, your teams or the office culture.

I am sure you have probably felt at times, there is so much to do yet so little time and it is almost impossible to keep up with everything and somehow you just about manage through the day to get everything done and all you want to do is collapse on your sofa at home and shut away from the world until tomorrow at the least.

Now there may be one slight element of truth here, that in the past, sure you may have succeeded doing just that and it has got you to where you are today, but that doesn’t mean this approach is doing you a real service and allowing you to tap into your full potential.

Driving at gear 3 around a race track is ok only until you realise there is a gear 5 which is a new level of performance all together and there is so much more you can create, accomplish and do with a slight adjustment to how you run your day each day.

The Principal I’m talking about may sound like Essentialism but this is something I’ve really explored deeply with my own coach.

(Raghav, you are a coach and you have your own coach? Why? that is a great question, I’m so glad you asked and I will answer that very question for you in another blog coming soon)

Through working with and coaching over a thousand people over a number of years, I have found there is a really simple but fundamental truth that holds us back…

Truth: We all think there is so much more for us to do than there actually is…to do

Result: As a result of really believing we need to hustle and overwork our way to success, we often feel overwhelmed with incredible to-do lists that only grow bigger each day along with the feelings of not having enough time and often experiencing huge stress levels and burnout.

Does this sound familiar? It often feels even more intense if you have the responsibility of also managing/leading a team and others.

I’m sure you know people that look so stressed and give their company/business everything….. and they do well.

I’m sure you also know people that are very calm, grounded and look like they are having fun that may even work half the time, yet are just as impactful and successful or even more so in many cases

Truth: How long you work and how much you do/take on is NOT a direct correlation to how effective or successful you will be.

Now that we’ve debunked this myth, I would love to share with you one of the keys to maximising your impact and performance both in and out of your business and work.

Truth: Consistency trumps intensity

Whenever I look at any high performer who is very successful at what they do, they remind me of this quote by the famous Philosopher Aristotle

‘We are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act but a habit’.

There are really 2 key elements to this quote.

Excellence becoming a habit by what we do -but High Performers spend more time looking at what are we repeatedly doing?

Coming back to the relation to Essentialism, I’m really pointing to, what are the main, key and critical actions that really and truly will help you create more growth, success and impact toward your goals?

Whether that is increasing profit, maximising employee engagement, meeting strategic targets and objectives, leading others and your teams effectively…..this same principle applies.

So often we start with 5 or 10 things and we may even do them with something short of our fullest conviction and commitment but if I were to ask you to start fresh and identify the top 3 activities that generate the greatest return or results for you? Per day or per week, what would that be?

If I were to ask you to eliminate your entire to-do list and make an essential list…what would be essential?

When I say essential, I mean the very key things that really move the dial towards your growth and success?

Are there things that immediately stand out to you that are just consuming your time, energy and focus from stepping into tasks that could deliver more return for you and your company?

It can be so easy for many of us to lose focus on what’s essential and get lost in the hustle and bustle of things but where we are effective is bringing things back to what is essential?

Surprisingly, this could even just be 1-2 things daily, that you can prioritise and build in amongst everything else that you can do consistently.

As a result, as you approach each day focusing on the few key tasks that bring the most value to you, you will feel more calmer, grounded, focused, inspired, motivated, energised and also confident.

Your to-do list will actually be crossed off each day and you will be achieving much more toward your goals/objectives more effectively and efficiently.

The other great advantage about Essentialism is that it helps us focus on your longer-term success and vision versus burning yourself out looking for quick wins.

Truth: Playing the short term game and looking for quick wins is like eating fast food consistently, it may feel like a great idea at the time because many people do it but

A. It’s not good for you
B. After a short high, comes a horrible crash and energy drop and you feel terrible
C. It’s not sustainable
D. It doesn’t support your health/wellbeing and effectiveness long term

This can be so insightful as I’ve even gone through experiences and coached clients who are spending time and energy on what may look like the right tasks but actually are masked under short-termism and don’t have as much benefit toward their longer-term play and vision.

I also talk about this HERE in my article with Stylist Magazine

So, I invite you to grab a journal, step away from your desk to a new environment for a nice hot cup of coffee and reflect on your goals and targets with the question, what’s essential?

What is really and actually essential?

See what ideas and actions emerge for you, rate each out of 10 and identify

  1. Which activities are the most effective and produce the greatest ROI
  2. Which activities can you do less of
  3. Explore how you can prioritise the activities that deliver more ROI for you

I’d really love to see what shows up for you through the exercise and any insights you may have gained from this article…and hearing what is now Essential for you?

Please do reach out or even feel free to email me at and it would be great to hear from you.

Thanks once again for visiting my website and reading this article, if I can support you with the insights shared in this article or toward anything you’d like to accomplish this year in your business or career, please do send me an email telling me more and it would be great to connect with you.

My best wishes,
Raghav Parkash

At this time of the new year with 12 months ahead of you, I often many clients who contact me are looking to make significant changes/improvements and create much more success in a number of areas of their business and life.

I often find that the key reasons anyone is truly looking to find a business coach or a life coach boils down to how can they:

This often can lead to starting projects and goals with very high energy, motivation and drive but can often be as helpful as bull in a china store causing havoc, lack of focus, overwhelm, minimal effectiveness and increased stressed for yourself and any team members involved too (if you are leading other people in your business/career). I’m sure you know the feeling, how everything seems to be stacking up, so much to do yet so little time.

What I find (and this may seem counter-intuitive) but where we are really successful and a better way to manage your performance, wellbeing and overall impact is to build into your goals and vision one step at a time.

I love the Japanese Kaizen Philosophy which is about Constant And Never Ending Improvement and if we applied this to our daily habits and routines and aimed to improve by/be 1% more impactful each day….

One year from now you would be 365% further which as you can imagine is one extraordinary success and growth.

It’s easier to focus on the 1% per day, the do-able, what is in our control/influence and the immediate moment which is where we can really have the biggest impact and produce our best performance.

Sometimes we can get carried away and hungry to do/accomplish change or success so quickly, but it really is about coming back to your longer term vision or the longer term play and building a strategy that is far more sustainable.

1%, 1 small step forward, one day at a time = 365 steps, actions and successes

If you focus on commitment, consistency and playing the longer term game you’ll experience more progress and maximize the happiness, potential and wellbeing of the people/teams involved.

This is where we are actually the most impactful and successful, when we slow down and focus on the key things today and every day which will drive that 1% growth and progress forwards.

Often, whenever I look at and coach people who are really thriving across their life and business, success isn’t just about the result but the process, who you become and what you enable others to learn about themselves by facilitating any change.

They throw themselves into their craft and play what Simon Sinek calls The Infinite Game, the game that doesn’t end or is about trying to get to one final, massive end result or goal.

The infinite Game is built on the foundation of constant and never-ending improvement and discovering more ways continually to innovate and bring more value to their customers,
staff and industries….

and importantly

One day, 1% and one step at a time allowing the momentum factor to kick in. Most of us are in an Infinite Game or Sport with Infinite rules but we end up playing with a finite system of stressing over small/immediate wins and successes which is where we lose our edge, creativity and focus. (More on the Infinite Game later)

For now, I invite you to think about where you would like to have the biggest impact and success this year and what being 1% more efficient, innovate and impactful every day looks like to you, that will help you build momentum and consistency towards the vision you would like to achieve.

Here’s to you and I would love to hear what insights you gained from the article and more about the success and impact you want to create this year within your business/career.

Please do feel free to reach out to me through my website or at

Until then my best wishes to you and look out for another article coming to you soon,

This is a question you’ve probably asked as you’re here on my website, whether you’re looking for a London Life Coach, Business Coach or a High Performance Coach.

There are many definitions of coaching that involve some inclusion of the word potential or maximum capability and this is a question I ask myself often, what is the best way to describe what I do in 1-2 sentences.

It’s not an easy task and one of my clients who I’ve been working with for a number of years often says about our work to others “I have no idea what Rag does, you just need to spend 2 hours with him” which is humbling but not as helpful if you’re trying to understand what coaching is.

So far, in a nutshell, the simplest way I have found to describe what I do is “I help people get more out of themselves than they can by themselves”. The clients I coach, whether Entrepreneurs, executives, High Performing Professionals through to actors, members of government or singers, want more from themselves. More in their career, business, relationships, wellbeing and personally to be performing at the very highest levels possible and consistently while creating an extraordinary impact through their work or craft.

Through working with over a thousand people over the last few years I have found there are two key reasons people usually approach a coach:

A. There is something that is holding them back personally or from achieving their goals, such as fear, stress, handling pressure/uncertainty, self-awareness, no clarity about the way ahead, dealing with failure, personal leadership/personal skills and development and much more.

Example: I had a session with an MD of a successful property company tell me that one of the top 5 things he really wanted from coaching, was to work with me on all the things he doesn’t want anybody else to know about him.

The things that are on your mind that really and truly stop you from showing up to your life, business and work fully and as a result, inhibit your effectiveness, leadership and real skills andtalents and/or (probably both in some way)

B. They are doing well and may even call themselves successful but they want help maximising their impact and performing at their potential, in other words, moving from great to extraordinary; high performance and ensuring things remain this way. Example: I recently coached a successful MD on transitioning into a very high profile role of a multi-billion pound company

Example 2: I’ve been working with a very successful Entrepreneur who continually likes to ensure his business is growing year on year and he is personally at his best every year and continuing to grow from strength to strength.

He is one of the leaders in his industry and we continually work on how can he do even more for his team and customers while focusing on the wider opportunities my client wants to focus on more moving forwards and the legacy he wants to leave behind.

I’m sure you’ve found that the more successful you want to become and the bigger of an impact you want to make, new challenges, pressures and obstacles must be overcome. It’s almost as if you’re a computer and you have to upgrade your systems to play the latest Ultra HD movie on the market.

As a coach, I work with my clients to upgrade and improve their processes to become more effective and successful at what they do which means we work on a number of areas from:

Often I’m asked the question, does everyone need a coach and my answer is always the same,


Would everyone benefit from coaching, now that is a very different question altogether. I love this quote which I shared with a client not long go, ‘A coach does for the rest of your life what a Personal Trainer does for your Health’

You can absolutely tread the journey alone and look to go as far as you can by yourself, but it’s never as fun, as rewarding, as fulfilling and having a coach in your corner brings a level of effectiveness, focus and performance that is almost unreachable by yourself.

If you resonate with any aspect of the article so far and you really feel you would benefit by the impact of coaching, it may be worth exploring finding a Life Coach or a Business Coach that suits your style and needs.

It’s a very personal journey but one that is so worth the exploration and search. As a coach, I have always worked with a Life coach or a Business Coach and always will as it’s so impactful to have someone in your life you can be so open with who will challenge you, push your comfort zone, say the things to you that no one else would be willing to say; help you really get more out of yourself than you can by yourself.

This to me and what I have shared in the article is a brief look at the question, ‘what is coaching’ and I hope you enjoyed this article.

Thank you for reading and if there is anything I can do to help or support you please do feel free to contact me through my website or at

Here’s to you and I look forward to sharing another blog with you shortly.

Raghav Parkash
Life & Business Coach

Around this time of the year I love taking a moment to do one of my favourite rituals which is…..mapping out the new year. 

Sitting down with a nice & very hot cup of coffee while setting my goals for the year, ambitions, the new year vision, key areas of focus & the contribution I want to make in the world. 

This is a process I do with all my clients at the beginning of every new year as it’s so key to put the foundations in for all the successes and changes you want to accomplish. 

However, in addition to this,  I was recently inspired by my wonderful other half Effie and a ritual she does which is to identify your main lessons and insights from the year that has just been.

It really is such an amazing process and after doing this for myself, I wanted to share my key learnings with you in hope that they can touch, serve & inspire you to create the results you want in your life & business.


Here are my key learnings from 2018

1.  Live from Hell Yes or Hell No

This is a great lesson I learnt from an incredible human being, Rich Litvin, who taught me about making decisions from Hell Yes or Hell No space. 

Far too often when we make decisions, we do so from indecisiveness but I always ask myself can I be or feel completely on board about doing something whether it’s a business decision or eating an ice cream and if I can’t, then it is a Hell No for me. 

Either going all in or not at all, there is no space in between. 

For me last year, the best decisions I made were from Hell Yes or Hell No. As Warren Buffet is famous for saying, it is about knowing what the 1% of opportunities are to say yes to and rejecting the other 99% of things that come your way. 

The Lesson: Trust your gut & go all IN when you do something

2. Commit to Mastery 

Similar to point 1, committing to mastery for me means going deeper in to the key practices that generate the most effective results in all areas of my life from business, health, well being to relationships. 

The lesson: When things get tough, challenging & difficult, stay on course instead of changing direction. There are times when it’s worth testing another approach but set yourself a time frame/point where you could explore this by. 

3. Everyone has an opinion- Follow yours & not theirs

This is a key point I am sure you will resonate and connect with. It’s so easy to let what other people think to cloud your judgement or take bias over your decisions, but the truth is that everybody has an opinion. 

An opinion over how you should live your life, base your decisions, what you should say or shouldn’t. 

When you let go of who you think you need to be for others and the world around you, you’ll then discover who you actually are.

The lesson: Let go of pleasing others and what the world thinks of you, and begin following your own voice, intuition and guidance.

4. Feed your mind- Daily! 

One of my favourite rituals and practices is to read, learn & study something daily for at least 30 minutes that contributes to my overall vision and mission…but also strengthens my mindset too. 

Living such a fast paced life with so much uncertainty around us, working on your mindset and core character is one of the most incredible building blocks to your success. 

It’s also about becoming more as a person in order to achieve more. As Jim Rohn says “ Success is something you attract by the person you become”

The Lesson: Work Harder on yourself & allow it to speak through every action, decision and way you show up in the world

5. Take time to give 

As Tony Robbins Says “The secret to living is giving”. One of the most amazing practices that feeds your heart, soul, spirit & being is contributing to causes and the people around us most in need. 

Taking time to give & serve through numerous activities in the year grounds me, centres me, provides me with perspective that we live in the top 10% of wealth in the world and our problems are not really ever problems & also reminds me of WHY I do what I do as a coach. 

I invite you to find your favourite causes, charities and acts of service and then this year, set a goal or vision of the impact you want to make in these areas.

I guarantee you, you will feel a deep sense of fulfilment from doing this.

The Lesson: Take time out to give, contribute & enjoy the many rewards it brings. 

6. Spend time with inspiring people & in inspired places 

As it says on the tin, spend time with people and in the places that bring out your best and inspire your thinking. 

The more you place your self in uplifting environments, the more extraordinary your thinking and creativity becomes. It’s a huge gift I will give myself more so. 

The Lesson: You become who you spend time with and in environments where you spend the most time. Chose your team carefully. 

7. Take a leap, even if you fear the failure

Are there things you haven’t done because of the fear of what may go wrong? A new business venture, a relationship or a new sport? 

If so, I’m humbled to tell you that everybody alive today experiences the very same thing. The truth is, you only live once and we regret and miss the very decision and shots we don’t take as Michael Jordan says. 

The second truth is that, failure is actually the very gifts that we grow from. Every failure has laid the foundations upon which you have built many of your proud achievements to date.

Failure is a gift, a blessing and an opportunity in disguise. 

The Lesson: Feel the fear & take a leap… will be inspired by the very result. 

8. Think bigger, think Impossible 

A great distinction I once came across is that “We set goals from what we think we can have and not what we actually can achieve” 
It’s amazing how our thinking and ego get’s in the way of us tuning in to our potential. 

A question I love asking my clients is what would you do if you couldn’t fail?

I love asking this question and then really seeing the possibility that comes as a result of this. To then notice the patterns of where we have played small & to seek out the glimpses of excellence in what could be?

So what would you do if you couldn’t fail? 

The Lesson: Think bigger, think beyond your limitations and set yourself the impossible goals which you will prove to yourself are possible with your creativity, resourcefulness and intellect

9. Be Coachable

As a coach, I love having my own coach, mentors that can look in to my world and show me where the gaps are in my performance and what’s holding me back from succeeding. 

Through the work I do, I always believe that you can only impact, serve & lead others as powerfully as you have done the same for yourself. 

There are leaders that try to lead…and then there are leaders who actually lead. 

The Lesson: Be Coachable. In order to be a great leader in or at anything, be lead-able. 

Do the work on yourself first, make sure you are fine tweaking your own skills to excellence so that every way you lead others comes across with much more conviction from you having done this for yourself. 

10.  Prioritise your Health

Here is a saying I know you have heard plenty of times, so one more time won’t hurt. Health is wealth! 

Truly in so many ways. At times over the last year whenever I have neglected my health from what I eat through to how much I move my body, this always comes back to bite me negatively from lower energy, tiredness and even procrastinating more. 

Put your health first, fuel your body, your mind and you will feel and perform so much better. 

The Lesson: You have this body for life, don’t abuse or disrespect it. Feed and nourish it, and it will look after you. 

I hope my key lessons take aways and insights have provided massive value to you and can serve you in growing your business, maximising your potential in your career or making 2019 your best year yet. 

As a gift for coming across and reading my article, if you’d like to have a coaching conversation with me on how we can make 2019 your best year yet and ensure you achieve your business/life vision & goals, reach out to me at or through my website

Here is to you reader and I hope you make this year the best year so far and one to remember. 

Live Empowered, 

Your Friend and Coach, 

“Don’t be Vanilla”

This was a lesson repeated to me by one of my first mentors when I became a coach many years ago.

Don’t be Vanilla my mentor said

You see, in the world we live in, its very easy to drown the power of your own voice and personality…

and at the same time, live by the ego/need to fit in, be liked, be loved, be popular, be respected, acknowledged etc…

It’s funny, in the past I used to say i’m a recovering people pleaser but now i’m proud to say i’m Raghav Parkash (except when I go to Starbucks and then i’m Tom but thats a different story)

So, coming back to Don’t be Vanilla,

Speaking your truth may be scary…living from your truth may push you…initially, BEING YOU might be something new to you…

but what would it cost you not to? Really think about this.

There are so many if not too many including me in the past that tried to FIT IN and be the flavour everyone would be at the worst OK with…

but thats the very problem…. being Vanilla is an ok flavour but not an extraordinary flavour

(In case you hadn’t realised, this is not actually about the flavour but more the metaphor if you’re thinking….but wait…I love Vanilla)

Supressing your voice & persona might help you fit in…but it’s just ok

Ok friendships, ok relationships, ok impact, Ok standards, ok enjoyment of this gift of life & an ok level of depth and self exploration & ok results

What is is really costing you from not fully owning INSERT YOUR NAME HERE?

When I got this, my confidence went up, personal power went up, fearlessness went up, energy, happiness, action taking, unfuckwithable-ness…..

I’ve reached a point in my journey where I love being me, wacky, crazy, energetic, focused, passionate (slightly too much still which I still freaking love)

and then the whole game changes..and haters oh yeah, what about them?

Well coming back to Ice Cream & Vanilla, whatever flavour you absolutely love, there will be people in this world that LOVE IT…

and on the same side people absolutely hate it! & thats OK

For every flavour, way of being, there will be raving fans and raving critics…

You can’t please everyone and thats because you are not meant to…even now as I write this post, there will be people who dislike this &/or even me (probably both ???)

Expect haters because you stand for something. Even Mother Teresea had haters…I have no chance.

How people react and what they decide to get triggered and offended by is their choice….take responsibility instead for you, who you are and what you do

When you let go of who you think you need to be, you’ll step in to who you are and as a result. (Just think about this for a moment)

You’ll discover your tribe, your fans, the people that LOVE you and your work, your voice, your message!

Don’t be vanilla…be chocolate chip or whatever your favourite controversial flavour is. After reading this, I cant wait for the day you tell me i’m First Name F*ING Surname and proud! ?

Be the Extraordinary you! Speak your truth and set the world alight!

You’ve got this, and loving you,

Your friend and coach,

Raghav Parkash

When I coach my clients or connect with inspiring people at my events. seminars or workshops whether they are Entrepreneurs, Executives or High Performers,

one thing I find that often happens in their professional/working livelihood as well as almost every other human being on this planet

is that they can fall in to a trap where they  lose motivation & passion for their work, their business and many other areas of their livelihood.

The enjoyment for what they do feels like it is reducing and running out daily.

The outlook of their future isn’t as exciting as it once seemed.

They feel stuck in this moment of time and are looking for that something…. and even more unsure about what it could be.

They really notice how time is running them instead of themselves owning the time.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, I have two powerful words I want to bring to your attention today.

The very reason people feel disconnected and far away from the life they are leading is because of these two factors not being met.

Values & Purpose

The values that drive you and the purpose behind WHY you do what you do.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a busy routine/lifestyle and lower our personal standards about living through and experiencing the things that bring us the most happiness, joy & fulfilment.

The way through, is to take a step back in all the noise, hustle, bustle, business and deciding to firstly analyse & reflect.

Reflecting on:

A. Your purpose, Mission & Vision- It’s time to reconnect with it

WHY do you do what you do?
Why do you work in the business or live your life as you currently do?
What does your work, business & career give you?

Taking your time to re-connect with your purpose is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself.

So many of us lose track of our purpose en-route to achieving and having more success, but reconnecting yourself with your purpose is one powerful way to inspire more motivation.

It’s massively beneficial to continually remind yourself of the reasons & WHY you do what you do.

Simon Sinek in his TED Talk and books famously talks about the power of WHY and how it should be the point that we create our life and business from.

As a morning habit or ritual, allow yourself to feel the drive & desire you have and bring yourself back to this point every single day when you start your day.

Ask yourself that question, WHY do I do what I do and what does it give me/bring me? 


Ensuring your current lifestyle and work allows you to live through your values and do the things that are most important to you.

Taking some time to reflect on:

-Am I doing & living my life or running my business how I envisioned initially?

-Does my current lifestyle allow me to do, have & achieve the things that are most important to me?

-Am I right now living my life in alignment with the things that are most important to me?
-Am I being true to myself?

-What am I sacrificing right now through how I run my day? What am I missing out on as a result of the decisions I am making?

The truth about motivation is that it is created by you and not just something you feel from time to time. You can’t fake motivation.

If your current work & lifestyle does not fulfil your values, and if this is the case for you, then something needs to change and you get to decide exactly what that is.

Purpose & values are everything and the place where our hunger and drive comes from. Without a purpose and living through your values, you are essentially forcing yourself to get fully behind a lifestyle you are not motivated by at all.

This is how conflicts also appears is businesses and companies develop a low retention rate of their staff and they find people are leaving often.

The key word is VALUES. Peoples values are not being met on a basic level.

With some of the clients I work with, we can have conversations where we explore the impact of changing elements of how they show up in life & how they run their business in order for them to do and have more of the things that are important to them & not get so lost in the day to day runnings.

After reading through the piece on values and purpose, how connected do you feel with a sense of purpose to what you do?

Do you feel your current lifestyle effectively meets your values?

I hope this article has got you thinking and provided you with some strategies to uncover what may be missing if you feel stuck.

Allow the questions and strategies in this article to help you feel more motivated & driven or even uncover what steps you can take to bring more passion & satisfaction from your current lifestyle.

Until next time,

Live Empowered,

Your Friend and Coach,

High Performance & Life Coach

My Invitation & gift to you:

Do you feel you can play a bigger game and want more out of your life, business or career?

Or do you think you’d benefit from getting clear, unblocked and focused on your goals/vision?

Maybe you are at the point where you want to make more happen in your life/business and you are not sure how or would like more accountability and support to get ‘unstuck’….

If so, i’d like to invite you to a powerful coaching experience where we can dive in to your world and design a set of strategies that will help you perform at your best and maximise your potential.

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Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at

Live Empowered,

Your friend and coach,

Raghav Parkash

High Performance & Life Coach 

Would you like to experience a powerful coaching conversation?

The behind the scenes my clients get with me personally…

I’m talking about a conversation where we put time aside to focus on YOU.

Your life, your business, your ambitions, your personal goals, what you feel is working…..what you feel isn’t working….

where you may feel blocked or not maximising your potential.

My clients often tell me how these are some of the most powerful conversations they’ve ever had in their life.

As a High Performance Coach, my passion is working with hungry vision driven Entrepreneurs & Leaders who want to create more freedom, more impact & as a result even more success in their lives & businesses.

Through my journey i’ve been privileged to work with thousands of leaders and run over 250+ workshops on High Performance and as a result, i’ve seen the extraordinary clients i’ve worked with create some truly extraordinary transformations, changes and results.

So, let’s focus back on to the Extraordinary You!

Do you think & feel NOW is the time to prioritise and spend time on YOU and do a deep dive in to your world?

Would you benefit by having a conversation where you will leave feeling:

-Unblocked emotionally & psychologically


-More clear & focused

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If so, we can have a conversation about how we can maximise the rest of your 2018!

There are only 3.5 months left in the year,

Do you have a plan in place for your business, life or career to be and perform at your very best?

Do you have a vision for the next 4-12 months?

Do you feel blocked or stressed?

Or do you feel like you are not maximising your potential & there’s something holding you back from getting the best from your self?

If you’d like to connect, dive deep and experience a powerful conversation focused on YOU, read below

Before you apply, this is for you if and only if:

-You want to play a bigger game
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-You are done with excuses & reasons you can’t win
-You want to achieve massive success in at least 1-2 areas of your life/business

NOTE: There is no sales pitch or offer during this session, it is a 1 to 2 hour coaching experience focused on you

To apply, email me at telling me WHY you want to experience a powerful conversation and I will be in touch with the next steps.

Here’s to a successful remainder to your 2018 and I look forward to seeing your journey unfold,

Your friend and coach,

Coaching Insight: Your Greatest Successes come one step beyond your greatest FAILures

LEAN IN to Failure & Be Bold, Be Courageous.

As a High Performance & Life Coach, one of the areas I coach a number of my clients on through their journey in business….and life

is their fear around FAILure and the incredible pressure/stress that comes with it. I’m talking,

The fear of:

Failing in business

Failing as a boss

Failing in your career

Failing as a role model, partner, husband/wife or parent

Failing to manage your stress & personal challenges as they creep up in a busy lifestyle

The list goes on and on and on, do you resonate with this?

But by holding on to this fear, imagine what it is costing you?

As Coach, I bring my clients back to who they really & truly are and when you operate from this space,

you begin to notice things very differently.

A few key distinctions they find is that:

– They create their own Fear and what they see tends to be much much more worse than things actually are

– Their biggest successes to date have come as a result of their most significant failures

– Success on any level is not possible without experiencing failure

– Failure is never failure if you learn from it. You either Win or Learn

– (My Personal Favourite) They are the leader, person & role model they are today as a result of their biggest setbacks

A Powerful Invitation: If you are feeling the pressure, stress & fear in running your business or any key areas of your life:

I invite you to lean in to your edge and define what failure actually means for you.

I invite you to look beyond fear and envision what is possible

I invite you to create a vision without fear and then map out the steps & strategies (that are in your control) you can take to bring your vision in to life

As they say, Feel the fear & do it anyway.

You can never be Fearless (in my opinion) but you can embrace/dance with your fear

and make more resourceful decisions in the process.

Let any fear/emotion drive you to more of the Extraordinary things you seek and the lifestyle you deserve.

LEAN IN to Failure & Be Bold, Be Courageous,

because life won’t give you what you want but what you demand of yourself consistently.

Live Empowered,

Your Friend and Coach,

My Invitation & gift to you:

Do you feel you can play a bigger game and want more out of your life, business or career?

Or do you think you’d benefit from getting clear, unblocked and focused on your goals/vision?

Maybe you are at the point where you want to make more happen in your life/business and you are not sure how or would like more accountability and support to get ‘unstuck’….

If so, i’d like to invite you to a powerful coaching experience where we can dive in to your world and design a set of strategies that will help you perform at your best and maximise your potential.

Send me a personal message and let’s talk or click here

Here’s to your continued success & if there is anything I can do to serve or support yourself and/or your business or if you have any questions about my latest article then please feel free to reach out to me here or at

Live Empowered,

Your friend and coach,

Raghav Parkash 

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When I heard Rag was speaking at a business event, I had no hesitation in booking on. I was not disappointed.A very sincere, knowledgeable and funny person. I decided there and then within minutes that I wanted Rag as my life coach.Many people misunderstand why you would engage the services of a life coach, for some, they are struggling with certain aspects of life, but for me, it was to play a bigger game, to maximize my potential, to be the best version I can. Rag has not disappointed. Combined with our regular check in and calls (where he just sees what’s missing instantly and guides you) and the extended network he has, my goal has been achieved.I am on completely different road map to life before Rag.I cant recommend him highly enough, he has changed my life!Dr Harry Singh CEO, Founder & Author

Raghav is an incredible human being, full of wisdom, a huge heart, an infectious energy and a deep ability to serve the clients he works with! Rag is a mindset master and understands what it takes to shift your thinking and your actions in order to create what you most want in your outer world AND to become the most confident, powerful, and impactful version of yourself you can be! I would highly recommend Raghav for anyone who is looking to be challenged to reach beyond anything they thought was possible in their personal and professional lives by a coach who has done the work, walks his talk and lives his message!Jason Goldberg Entrepreneur & Author

When I heard Rag was speaking at a business event, I had no hesitation in booking on. I was not disappointed.Raghav has been a great inspiration and totally amazing! His coaching is focused, sharp and I know it’ll unleash my current and new business venture to the NEXT level. I thank you and look forward to our next meet. Faisal Khokar CEO at BeInspirational Media

The higher your ambitions, the steeper the waves of success & the crashes that come with it! From personal experience I know that doing things alone is not possible, it is lonely but on top of that it takes time to come back up as soon as you crash.Do you need a coach? No, but do you need to be in top 1%?The two for me go hand in hand, having someone who understands the journey (specifically crashes!), asks the right questions and provides a cushion for when you are at a low point is what coaching means to me. I love the power of Raghavs’ coaching because he is real, authentic and has a no bullshit approach. I would recommend him to anyone running a business, in a director role or with ambition to be in either of those. Most stressful positions require the toughest minds and you are not born with one, toughest minds are trained! Get a coach!Victoria Tattum CEO Career Cheetahr

Raghav has a unique way of seeing the world. He genuinely believes in people and if you commit to working with him, he will support you no matter what. He is an unbelievable coach, with a gentle, yet empowering spirit. I have been so lucky to share my journey with him and my life has gone to the next level. I am endlessly blessed!Melissa Panero Entrepreneur

When I first met Raghav it was in a business setting but, his warmth and positive energy shone through and I thought that I would like to be able to shine like that! Initially I enjoyed discussing my business visions in such an open and idyllic way.I felt very uplifted after each session and as a result very pro active with my action steps. As a sole trader it is essential to be held accountable for taking action!As with any coaching it can unearth some personal issues and delivers some real learning curves but Raghav encourages, supports and guides you through it helping you through the haze enabling you to enjoy the journey towards your vision.Every business owner needs a coach to keep you on target, enjoy the celebrations along the way and certainly for me to help you really believe that I can make that difference in the world, that my footprint truly matters.-Claire Robilliard Founder & Entrepreneur

Raghav's professionalism and passion for his vocation shine through in everything he does. He is a highly skilled and effective coach and I benefited tremendously from our 1:2:1 seasons. I never fail to be impressed by Rag's positivity and wise words with every encounter and I cannot recommend him highly enough.Martin Dupont Financial Consultant

Raghav is a Legend! Within a short period of time, I was able to open up and talk about my worst thoughts & fears. We explored how I felt about myself and some really powerful stuff came up, stuff that I was suppressing. Raghav was completely focused on my issues for the entire session. I have gone from an emotional wreck to someone who feels good about himself and the future. Everyday since then, I have been making better choices and starting to take control of my life. Everyday is a step closer to being the best person I can be. I would recommend Raghav to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life.Z Ahmed Banker at Lloyds Bank

Raghav is a genuine, passionate and compassionate man. He is a knowledgable source and a personal example of high performance principals, and his commitment to my success inspired me to take action and progress my goals. He is an excellent listener, and his generosity is a shining light. I would highly recommend him as a coach.Gil Cohen Alloro Actor


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